Privacy Policy

Customer information submitted to is handled discreetly and securely with the utmost concern for privacy. never sells or otherwise makes customer data available to third parties.

Customer data is protected against all unauthorized access and kept on a secured computer only acessible on a need-to-know basis by trusted personnel.

Customer data is normally maintained for up to 90 days following the expiration of the customer's last ticket. In the case of fraudulent credit card transactions, customer data is maintained indefinitely so as to prevent further transactions with the same information and to report chargeback thieves to processing company fraud databases which prevents offenders from perpetrating fraudulent chargebacks on other merchants. Note that this policy only applies to data maintained by Credit card companies and credit card processors have their own separate policy with respect to maintaining customer data.

We will never send unsolicted e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the customer, except in cases of customer support or billing issues.

The term "customer data" refers to customer name, address, email, and IP address. This is standard information that is REQUIRED to be retained by card processing companies and the policy is no different for us that it is for any other company that has a merchant account for processing credit cards.