Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my username and/or password.

Please send us an email at and include your full name and email.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Please click here and fill up the form, your subscription will be cancelled. In case of doubth or problem, please contact us at, we will take manually care of the cancellation and will confirm you. In this case, please allow 3 days for us to do so. In any case, always cancel your subscription at last 5 days before your next rebill.

What is the quality of your photos/videos?

Most of our pictures are digital quality sized 800X600. Our most recent videos, for 2 years, are edited in wmv format, 640X480.

I can not play the videos.

To ensure the best quality possible, our latest videos are produced with high bitrate, this might cause buffering if you watch them online, instead use the right click "save target as" and save them on your computer prior to play them with your favourite Mediaplayer.You need the latest version of windows media player or realplayer. Older versions might not have the right codecs. In case of problems, contact us at